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Best 2013 wishes for our visitors and users over the past 5 years. I hope you will pardon our tinkering with PixWrite from time to time. We're making some changes and improvements as time goes by..

One major change is to provide our tools with alternate versions to accomodate the many new screen sizes that have evolved over the past few years. PixWrite was originally developed when most opeople viewed the web using CRT type monitors with a screen resolution of 800X600 or 1024X768. These resolutions are seldom used by PCs any more, and are more often found on Smart Phones or Tablets. Part of our redesign is to accomodate newer PC monitors and home television screens with the "16X9" aspect or "wide screen" configuration. This landing will change over the time as we complete these improvements. We appreciate your patience.

If the whole concept of "screen resolution" seems confusing, Check out the explanation of pixels at Pixalyzer.com. Succesfully presenting images on the internet requires a basic understanding of the relationship between images and the screens where they will be displayed.

If you need the original version of PixWrite, it's right here

Alternately, if you are using a wide screen monitor, we provide this alternate version which uses the extra width of newer monitors to make navigation easier. This version can also accomodate slightly larger photos and images in the edit window.

Our other image utilities will be upgraded as well:

  • Panel Maker Colored panels are the perfect visual to call attention to a section of your web page or blog. Our wizard can create them in any size or color in just an instant. Best of all, you can set the size, shape and size with only a few clicks. Panels created with this tool can be automatically placed in PixWrite to create captions and headings in any combination you want.

  • Tables as a graphic Allows you to create text as a graphic. These are the handiest widgets on the web. Create any kind of tabular information as a graphic and replace many lines of hard to read code with just a single image. Check out these samples.

  • Simple Pie Charts They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Nowhere is it more true than when discussing math. You can whip up an attractive pie chart with this tool in about a minute. Think how long it would take to tell the same story with words.

Pixwrite is a simple and quick way to add text labels to any image on the web.
    Use PixWrite to:
  • Write on pictures or photographs
  • Put your name on auction photos to discourage image theft.
  • Add a comment to point out a defect or special feature.
  • Add a funny caption to a pet photo or just note the date and time.
  • Include a message with an image posted to a blog.
  • Any time you want quick text on an image.
Pixwrite is not a replacement for a full featured image editor installed on your own PC but can be quicker. Also handy if you are away from your own PC. Just grab the image you want right off the web or upload from your PC. Add labels, and once the photo looks as you want, copy to the local PC then upload to your host or blog. PixWrite maintains your image internally using the png image type so there is never loss of quality no matter how many edits you make! (temporary images are removed after 24 hours. so don't rely on this host for linking)

HINT To create a watermark effect, choose a color with only slight contrast and a bolder font.

* Due to variations in browser rendering and installed fonts, close registration near the image edge may not be possible. For best results, use the position indicator to place text approx 10 pixels from the edge of your image.